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What is SUSA?


What is SUSA?

We are a  multi-cultural, international Soccer-Community in Vienna,  comprising of Camps during the school holidays (Easter-Summer-Autumn) for kids between 5 and 14 years old.

A Kids-Academy (4-12 years old), which runs after-school, or on a Saturday morning during the school year. And a competitive League Setup (under 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-18 & Adults team) registered in and recognised by the Austrian Football Federation, UEFA & FIFA.


Our aim is to improve each of our player’s skills in an appropriate environment according to their respective level and goals, applying the most up-to-date methods of sport science and neuroscience.


We not only aim to develop their specific soccer skills, but also the mental and emotional aspects crucial for their daily lives and futures. We also individually coach high performance athletes and private customers,  who want to profit from our unique methods and knowledge base.

Therefore our holistic teaching approach is based on those 4 developing principles:


Positive Attitude is the key to success & happiness. SUSA  players get to learn the importance of mental strength, dedication and determination.

Our trainings require a high level of concentration with academic benefits and stress reduction among others.


Our experienced Coaching Team takes care of the player's age specific physical needs. A proper development of Agility, Speed and Explosiveness are crucial for the young players. Injury prevention is a priority in our trainings.


The emotional development of our players is one of the highest priorities in our Academy. Praising is the key for adequate Neurofunctionality and for further development of confidence and a good self-esteem. Mistakes are an important part of the learning process.


Our exercises and trainings promote and develop the general motor skills of our players. Orientation, Coordination, Reaction, Decision Making.  

The benefits of Neuroplasticity are enormous!

Saturday Program

Saturday Program

Our well known SUSA Saturday Program is our MAIN EVENT of the Week, where all our SUSA superstars (Independent of their soccer level) express their passion for the most beautiful game and develop with fun and friendship their special SUSA technical soccer skills & learn, supported by our experienced coaching approach and through football, important values for life.


At SUSA it is never enough to just kick a ball, especially on our Saturday program! Parents!! don't forget to bring your boots as we mostly finalise the trainings by a parents vs kids game!


We also take part in tournaments and organise regularly friendly games vs other clubs and Teams of international schools in Vienna. 

To ensure the perfect training, learning and SUSA-way fun environment to each child we provide different time slots according to your kids age.

The Winter Program has restarted since Saturday the 13th of January Indoors in two different locations. The UniCredit Center am Kaiserwasser for our youngest and the Sportcenter Donaucity for the Jaguars until the 24th of February 2024.  

 SUSA Cubs

4-6 (7) year-old

10:00 - 11:30

@UniCredit Center 

am Kaiserwasser (indoor parquet)

 SUSA Bears

7-9 (10) year-old


@UniCredit Center
am Kaiserwasser

(indoor parquet)

 SUSA Jaguars


10-12 (13) year-old


@Sportcenter Donaucity
(indoor parquet)

Team of coaches DT 2.jpg
After School Program

After School Program

Our After-School Program takes place on every regular working day from Monday to Thursday between 15:45 and 17:30 and offers the perfect mix between just for fun and challenging trainings for kids between 4 and 13 Years. 


The program is tailored for families and kids who don't necessarily want League and Competitive football but want to get the benefits of our holistic coaching methods. Like with all our program we'd like to stress that the after-school activities dress girls and boys alike!

Our Winter After School program restarts on the 15th of January and will end on the 22th of February 2024. Please note that the program is taking place in two different locations. The Indoor parquet hall of UniCredit Center am Kaiserwasser for our cubs and inside the Dome in the Sportcenter Donaucity. (Covered artificial grass field)

 SUSA Cubs

4-6 (7) year-old

15:30  - 17:00


@UniCredit Center am Kaiserwasser (indoor parquet)

 SUSA Bears

7-9 (10) year-old

15:45  - 17:30

Mondays, Thursday

@Sportcenter Donaucity
Dome (astro turf

 SUSA Jaguars

10-12 (13) year-old

15:45  - 17:30

 Tuesdays & Wednesdays

@Sportcenter Donaucity
Dome (a
stro turf) 

SUSA programs unite Boys, Girls and dedicated Coaches from across the globe creating a rich and vibrant multi-cultural explosion of "Rock'n'Roll" Soccer - it's not enough to just kick a ball at SUSA!

Our "soccer students"  are encouraged to express and develop their own unique and individual approach to the beautiful game, whilst also understanding and appreciating the benefits of  TEAM-WORK and other team sports values.

Soccer is ART, Soccer is ENTERTAINMENT, Soccer is HONESTY, Soccer is FUN!


So make your Soccer Dream a reality! Bring along your passion, your energy and your biggest SMILE!

We will do the rest!

Our training, workshops, courses and camps take place at the premium facilities of Sportcenter Donaucity, Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 128, 1220 Vienna. U1 Alte Donau. 

The most beautiful sport facility in Vienna, just behind the United Nations. 




At our SUSA camps your children learn more than just only about Soccer. Our different workshops and trainings provide our kids the perfect mix between knowledge and fun! 


We do the Rock'n'Roll version where you can not only express your love of "the beautiful game" but also all those other hidden talents that lurk within you!


Don't freak! Relax and let your talent be your guiding light!


And hey, SUSA is an INTERNATIONAL community, so not only to you get the opportunity to improve your fitness and talents but you also get the priviledge to make new Friends from across the globe!

We offer camps from Monday till Friday during regular school vacation (except for Christmas break)

  • Easter camp (2 weeks) 25.03.2024 - 05.04.2024 

  • Summer camps (10 weeks) 24.06.2024 - 30.08.2024

  • Autumn camp (1 week) 28.10.2024 - 01.11.2024

    @Sportcenter Donaucity, Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 128, 1220 Vienna



Competitive League

We love to see our little Soccer Superstars rising high. Some of them need a serious competition to rise even higher. Therefore we are very proud to announce that 4 out of our 6 League Teams won the championship within their age group and got the whole club promoted to the next WFV-B League.

Not just in ways of athletic performance but also socially: being part of a sports team will make your child profit in many ways (social skills, empathy, reaction, cognitive ... please refer to Coach Carlos if you'd like to learn more about neuroscience in sports but make sure to have spare time :) )


Girls as well as boys welcome! For trials get in touch with us.  

Check out our teams & our COACHES TEAM 

Competitive League
2023 06 03 U13 55.jpg
Individual Traning


Individual Trainings

In addition to all our group training options we also provide the possibility to book an individual training. This provides you the chance to receive a training tailored just for your specific needs. 


Our holistic coaching approach emphasies on technical, cognitive, mental and emotional development of players according to their age and level. Especially the appliance of Neuroscience in sports plays a great role in achieving these goals.


The SUSA Values

Respect,  Positive Attitude, Thankfulness and more! 

Learning and teaching important values for life, is part of our coaching Program at SUSA and actually the most important thing in our mission as Coaches, so please always ask your kids about which values have they learned at SUSA. 

Thank you for being part of our SUSA community, thank you for your trust in this important mission of helping and supporting your kids on the journey of in becoming great adults and persons! 


Gracias! Merci! Danke! Grazie!  Bedankt! Obrigada! Dziękuję!   감사합니다! Hvala !شكرا لك  आपका धन्यवाद! Спасибо! Хвала! Kiitos! Köszönöm! Σας ευχαριστώ!  תודה!   ممنون! 谢谢啦! ありがとう! Děkuji! Takk!  Teşekkür ederim! 


    Your SUSA TEAM

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