Dream Big, love life, live Soccer!




Who / What  is this SUSA?

SUSA is actually the abbreviation for Sean's United Soccer Academy.

We are a  multi-cultural, international Soccer Family comprising of Academy and Vienna League Teams.

Our aim  is to improve each child's soccer skills in an environment of learning, FUN & Friendship applying the newest methods  of neuroscience, in order to develop the mental and emotional skills of our players which are crucial for their future.

SUSA programs unite Boys, Girls and dedicated Coaches from across the globe creating a rich and vibrant  multi-cultural explosion of "Rock'n'Roll" Soccer -  its not enough to just kick a ball at SUSA!

Our  "soccer students"  are encouraged to express and develop their own unique and  individual approach to the beautiful game  - whilst also understanding and appreciating the benefits of  TEAM-WORK and other team sport's values.

Soccer is ART, Soccer is ENTERTAINMENT, Soccer is HONESTY, Soccer is FUN!


So make your soccer dream a reality! Bring along your passion, your energy and your biggest SMILE,

We will do the rest! 


Past & Present

SUSA began on a hot summers day in 2003, way back,  with a dozen bemused soccer KIDS, a BOOM-BOX and our Legendary Coach SEAN! The rest as they say is history! Today we have hundreds of SUSA players and are currently the largest Soccer organisation of its kind in Austria! Yet despite the growth spurt  and numerous  transitions SUSA programs retain that intimate, relaxed, FUN and friendly  atmosphere  where  children feel comfortable and confident to express their love for Football. The most beautiful game!


Importantly our programs remain structured to ensure that  EVERY CHILD (irrespective of their skill levels) can improve their skills and truly live their soccer dream. 


The Future? 

We try to live in the "here and now" at SUSA but that is not so easy with so many excited soccer stars, ALL of whom have a soccer dream and visions of  playing for Barcelona, Bayern Munich or the great Glasgow Celtic, amongst others! Champions League? Why not?! The famous SUSA song if you dare to listen has us playing in the 2022 World Cup?  We'd better get a move on!


Strive to achieve - everything is possible - you must believe ! 


Respect,  Positive Attitude, Thankfulness and more! 

As long as we RESPECT each other, will do just fine!

Stay always positive, believe in yourself and be thankful!

Every thought has an impact in your Brain & Performance! 




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