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It all started back then in 2003 Coach Sean set foot in Vienna to fulfil his big dream:
To dedicate himself to the most beautiful job in the word - Coaching kids. And just like that SUSA (
Sean's United Soccer Academy) was born. Ever since Sean and all his trainers keep exciting kids from all over the world sharing the very same passion for coaching & kicking a ball. But it's more than just that: to join the SUSA is more like joining a big, fun family with people from all around the globe, not only for our little ones, we'd also like you as parents to feel at home at SUSA!


Importantly our programs remain structured to ensure that  EVERY CHILD (irrespective of their skill level) can improve their skills and truly live their soccer dream.

Enough cheesy words, we'd like you to meet our SUSA TEAM


Sean Patrick Laverty  "Coach Sean, S-Boy"

Duty within SUSA: El Presidente of FC SUSA Vienna.

Founder of Soccer4Kids KG - Partner

Nationality: Irish

Special Super Power: Positivism, Inspiring not only kids but every person he gets to know. Radio GAGA & much more - There is just one S-Boy in the whole Universe!

Favorite Team: Celtic Glasgow

Position as a player: Wing Back, Winger, Full Back 

Good to know: Played in his young years professionally in different countries and since he stopped, always follows the sun. You'll never see him without a bandana and any other than flip-flops on his feet

2021 06 06 SUSA Friendly game U14 19.jpg

Carlos Andres Ramirez Tichy  "Coach Carlos"

Duty within SUSA: Coach KM-U18-U14. Individual Coach

Sports Director & Vice-President FC SUSA Vienna.

Partner Soccer4kids KG & owner C11-Coaching

Nationality: Colombian | Austrian

Super Powers: Football is his religion and loves coaching more than anything else, insane speed & ball control and the most awesome Bicycle-Kick you've seen. 

Favorite Team: Atletico de Madrid 

Position as a player: Center Midfield

Good to know about: UEFA-B License. Certified in Neuroscience applied to Sports (Barcelona Innovation Hub). Played for 3 Years for the Selection of Vienna U19 & U18. Coached at LAZ Vienna, Boys and Girls (Elite youth program in Austria for 2 Years)



Alberto Ferreres Santana  "Coach Alberto"

Duty within SUSA: Coach KM-U16-U15, Individual Coach

Nationality: Spanish (Fuerteventura)

Super Powers: World class knowledge in defensiv behaviour.

You haven't seen any Heading & Shooting skills like Alberto's before. Organises every team from inside and outside the field. 

Favorite Team: FC Barcelona

Position as a player: Center Defense 

Good to know about: Alberto played at the highest possible football level in La Liga and knows what it means to win a 1v1 vs players like Kun Aguero and many others. Mag. in Sports Science & Spanish and owner of Santana Gourmet

2022 10 23 U16 01.jpg


Luka Lau  "Coach Luka"

Duty within SUSA: Academy Head Coach, Cubs, Bears & Jaguars, Individual Coach

Nationality: Serbian

Super Powers: Mentality and Discipline 

Favourite Team: Red Star Belgrade

Position as a player: Center Defense 

Good to know about: Coach Luka has a degree in physical education and sport science in addition to other 2 studies in International business & trade and marketing. Coach Luka is UEFA B licensed and played in the youth for Red Star Belgrade alongside Vidić and other world class players. Played also professionally in Greece and in the United States. 


Rafael Mariano Grossi "Coach Rafa"

Duty within SUSA: Coach U14 - Strategic adviser

Nationality: Argentinian

Super Powers: To never give up, his experience & sagacity. 

Favourite Team: Estudiantes de la Plata 

Position as a player: Right Winger 

Good to know about: Besides his passion for football as a declared "Pincharrata" (Estudiantes-fan), Rafael is world-wide renowned for his successful professional diplomatic career and has currently nothing less, than the responsibility to keep the world a safe place.  

Coach Rafael.jpg


Joshua Solomon Knipschild "Coach Josh"

Duty within SUSA: Coach U13, Supervisor U10-U13

Nationality: English /German / Irish

Super Powers: Bringing enthusiasm, a love of football and passion to succeed. When playing, a good understanding and reading of the game.

Favourite Team:  West Ham United

Position as a playerCenter Defense

Good to know about: Played football at different levels since the age of 4. Currently studying Statistics at the university of Vienna. Very rarely seen without a football. 


Simon Manzoni  "Coach Simon - Manzo"

Duty within SUSA: GK Coach - Academy Coach Cubs & Bears

Nationality: Italian (Südtirol)

Super Powers: His special super power is definitely his huge heart and not only amazing skills catching the ball. Simon can guide players to fulfil their dreams. 

Favorite Team: AS Roma

Position as a playerGoalkeeper 

Good to know about: Simon is Mental Coach, Life Coach and owner of Torhüter Mit Herz. Played in the Austrian Bundesliga for FC Admira Wacker Mödling and works currently also with active professional players.

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2020 11 08 SUSA coach pictures photo 8.j

Sahba Mobasser Ganjavi - "Coach Sahba"

Duty within SUSA: Academy Coach Cubs & Bears

Nationality: Iranian

Super Powers: Love and care for the kids.   

Favourite Team: FC Barcelona

Position as a playerWinger

Good to know about: Sahba is studying medicine and is specialised for the general motor development in young ages in SUSA. Coordination, orientation, rhythmic and differentiation skills in combination with music and good mood. All our youngsters need.  

John Haberl-Arkhurst "Coach John"

Duty within SUSA: Coach U12 

Nationality: Ghanaian

Super Powers: To teach and coach always with as smile, to use the body on the field and to always believe.  

Favourite Team: Manchester United

Position as a player: Striker 

Good to know about: Coach John also works as a teacher in the Amadeus International School of Vienna. He scored the most beautiful goal in the world against Coach Majid's team on a Saturday workshop. 

Coach John.jpg
2020 07 13 Fourth week SUSA camp ph 26.jpg


Majid Mobasser  "Coach Majid - Magic"

Duty within SUSA: Coach U11, U14-B

Academy Coach Cubs, Bears & Jaguars

Nationality: Iranian

Super Powers: He can literally dribble ANY opponent easily, even with a left knee without ligaments. Majid gives young players the confidence they need to try and develop.

Favourite Team: FC Barcelona

Position as a player: Midfield

Good to know about: Majid has more than 20 years in coaching experience and has always a big smile on his face. 


Amin Emran "Coach Amin"

Duty within SUSA: Coach U10 & U15 

Nationality: Iranian

Super Powers: Positivity and passion for the game.

Favourite Team: Chelsea FC

Position as a player: Attacking Midfielder

Good to know about: Coach Amin grew up with football since the age of 4. Had an opportunity to play with U16 Iranian National team. Currently he’s studying his masters in economic diplomacy.

And in love with high pressure attacking football.

Coach Amin.jpg
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Marie Koppelhuber - "Coach Marie"

Duty within SUSAAcademy Coach Cubs & Bears 

Nationality: Austria / USA

Super Powers: Sharing her love for the game with kids and teaching them not only how to be a good player but also a good teammate and a good person.

Favourite Team: FC Barcelona

Position as a player: Defensive Midfield

Good to know about: Marie started playing soccer when she was 5, played in a girls team in a boy's league, and was played several times for the selection U16 of Vienna "Wiener Auswahl". Marie is going to study law

Christof Wegiel "Coach Chris"

Duty within SUSA: Academy Coach Bears & Jaguars 

Nationality: USA

Super Power: Good vision/ passing

Favorite Team: Bayern Munich

Position as a player: Left Wing-Back

Good to know: Christof has a degree in International Business with a Minor in Media Communication, can speak English and German, work as an Afterschool Activities Coordinator at an international school, enjoys traveling, playing and watching sports (specifically soccer and American football) and watching Netflix series/YouTube

Ne coach 2.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2023-02-13 at 08.24.24.jpeg


Julian Senfter “Coach Julian"

Duty within SUSA: GK Coach, Academy Coach 

Nationality: Austrian

Super Power: Positive approach to football and desire to help every player in his teams to improve. As a goalkeeper, his explosiveness and side volleys are quite impressive

Favourite Team: Austria Wien 

Position as a player: Goalkeeper

Good to know about: Licensed goalkeeper coach and studying Sport Science and Coaching in a top university in England

Guillermo Alaman Requena "Coach Guille"

Duty within SUSA: KM - U18 Assistant Coach. 

Nationality: Spanish

Super Powers: Football and sport as his way of life. Guillermo plays always with a smile and lets his magic drills flow

Favorite Team: Valencia CF

Position as a player: Center Midfield 

Good to know: Guillermo played futsal at a national level in Spain and has been playing at 1. Futsal Bundesliga since 2021. Besides football, Guillermo is passionate about new technologies and is currently working as a Data Science Consultant at Machine Learning Reply.

New coach 3 Lee.jpg


Leigh Tueart - "Coach Leigh"

Duty within SUSA: Consultant, Individual Coach, Academy Coach  

Nationality: English

Super Powers: Knowledge, Methodology & Integrity 

Favourite Team: Manchester City

Good to know about: If you wonder why you don't to see him much it's because he is coaching at the moment at FAK-Austria-Wien and doing his UEFA-A License. He has directed the youth elite program MLZ and the U14 Selection of girls in Vienna for over 3 years and coached Wiener Sportclub in the Women-second Bundesliga of Austria. 

Adam Browne "Coach Adam"

Duty within SUSA: Academy Coac

Nationality: Irish 

Super Powers: To understand different approaches depending on the needs of the player. To always keep learning with the best attitude. Kindness and empathy. 

Favorite Team: Manchester United

Position as a player: Offensive Midfield, Striker

Good to know: Adam joined SUSA at the age of 5 years. After leaving us for a while, playing at different levels in Vienna, he came back last year as a player and as a coach having an outstanding impact on our young players. He is studying right now sports science in England and will be back at SUSA during the camps.. 

New coach 4.jpg


Sambol Afshari 

Ever wondered who that lovely voice belongs to when you get in touch with us? Yes, that's her. Our beloved Sambol that cares for all the administrative task and all of our wellbeing.
Without her, nothing would be possible at SUSA.


Angie Tichy

Such an amazing explosion of energy, happiness and good vibes is possible, her name is Angelica Maria Tichy and she is taking care of our league players and families. 

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