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Two players fighting for the ball.


Individual Training

In addition to all our group training options we also provide the possibility to book individual training. This provides you the chance to receive a training tailored just for your specific needs. 


Our holistic coaching approach emphasies on technical, cognitive, mental and emotional development of players according to their age and level. Especially the appliance of Neuroscience in sports plays a great role in achieving these goals.


Neuroscience in Sports


MINDSET IS EVERYTHING!  Strive to achieve - everything is possible - you must believe!


Positive attitude and the proper emotional mix is the key for further development.  

Every thought has an impact on our health and performance. During our individual trainings our athletes receive an introduction into Mindfulness, Meditation and Visualisation techniques.



Higher self esteem, confidence, determination, consciousness, resilience and better performance on the field.


Our exercises afford the highest possible level of concentration, with reaction, orientation and coordination components. Mistakes and errors play an important role in the creation of new synapses (brain connections). 


Better cognitive skills, concentration, attention, coordination, faster decision making, action/reaction quickness, higher motivation, more creativity, stress resistance and stress reduction, better IQ results and school grades and improved performance on the field.

Which Role play our Emotions in our Performance? The hormones Epinephrine increases alertness, Acetylcholine focus & Dopamine is the key for our brain-motor functionality and further motivation and development.

If you'd like to learn more about our individual training concept and principles please get in touch with us or send us your request.

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