Every picture tells a SUSA story!! 

Additional Information

                             SUSA Summercamps offer more much more than a soccer education! Learning, FUN, integration and friendship are key ingredients!

At camps we encourage each child to express their talents, whatever that may be and activities can therefore be spontaneous & varied. 

Our International, multi-cultural environment helps to create a rich and vibrant atmosphere where the kids can thrive and play with FUN & freedom!

At SUSA we tap into that unique atmosphere and encourage the kids to make new friends and develop their integration skills as well as soccer skills! 

We do not take the kids swimming! However we  we do have sprinklers and have created a fun sport called "Banner Surfing". It's SAFE and FUN!  

Your child can arrive at the camp in normal sport dress. You may also purchase a personalised SUSA uniform - contact Admin

Bullying, Racisam , Sectarianism or Foul Language is not tolerated at SUSA. RESPECT for all those participating at the camps is pre-requisite! 

Behaviour that is deemed (by the coaching team) to be detrimental to the enjoyment and well-being of tthose taking part will result in dismissal. 

If your child is unhappy - for whatever reason contact us so we can discuss.

Use of Smart phones is permitted at camp but should be used responsibly and may only be used during snack-break (10.45 - 11.15)

Use of phone/handy is NOT permitted at restaurant lunch but may be taken - to receive an urgent call - if necessary. 

Participants should arrive with large water/juice botle, a snack, sun protection lotion, artificial grass shoe & shinguards( for 8 years-old plus) 

If your child is like most campers and addicted to our unique Banner Surfing activity then packing a towel and fresh clothes/swim suit is a good idea. 

Parents will receive at least TWO telephone numbers should they need to get in touch during camp hours. 

Please ensure that you have provided Admin with at least one contact number - in case we need to get in touch during camp hours.

Participants can be received from 8am onwards and can arrive up until 9.15am. Camp ends at 4pm.

​Try to ensure that your child is picked up on time at end of camp day. Should you be delayed then please call Admin.

SUSA does have an after-camp care facility (until 6pm) and details of this including additional fee is included in the registation form. 

A PRESENTATION/AWARDS Ceremony takes place at 3.30pm each Friday - an opportunity for Coaches and Kids to wind down and reflect.


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