After School Program

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions all our group programs are paused.

We will resume as soon as possible under certain precautions.

Starting dates will be announced soonish.  

SUSA offers every day from Monday to Thursday an After-School-Program

for Boys and Girls from 6 till 12 year-old.



Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 128, 1220, Vienna

16.00 - 17.30 pm

The Saturday program will pause throughout summer (official school vacation). If you'd like your child to stay active and keep its SUSA experience ongoing please check out our Summer camp offer!


Saturday Program commences OUTDOORS and will move INDOORS after October break (check Friday Emails for exact date)

All families will receive a Friday Email - please  take time out to read this as there could be changes to program

Try to arrive a little early for your child's session - try not to disturb the neighbours on arrival or exit from program

CUBS can wear normal sport gear and gym shoes or typical training shoes

BEARS and JAGUARS  must wear shinguards (leg protection)

Children must wear non-marking shoes whilst playing indoors  (Parents also for FUN! Parents vs. Kids game)

All participants to bring healthy drinks and snacks - packing a small towel and fresh clothes is also a good idea

Drinks and Snacks must be consumed outside the Hall

SUSA provides personalised SUSA-Fied NIKE Uniforms - at a reasonable cost - ask Admin!

The Saturday program ends on 11.12.2021


TIP! write your child's name on their belongings - that way we can contact you if items are mis-placed

TIP2! Bring your soccer creativity and a BIG Saturday smile!

SUSA -  Let it be .........Soccer!

Dream Big, Love Life.....Live Soccer!

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