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After School Program 

SUSA offers every day from Monday to Friday an After-School-Program

for Boys and Girls from 5 till 17 year-old.



Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 128, 1220, Vienna

Training schedule spring 2021.PNG




CUBS can wear normal sport gear and regular sport shoes

BEARS and JAGUARS should wear football shoes and must wear shinguards (leg protection)

Water bottle, Sunscreen, a little snack and a spare of clothes to get changed in case of rain of bad weather is recommended.  

TIP! write your child's name on their belongings - that way we can contact you if items are mis-placed


TIP2! Bring your soccer creativity and a BIG Saturday smile!

SUSA -  Let it be .........Soccer!

Dream Big, Love Life.....Live Soccer!


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