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     Sportcenter, Donaucity,1220, Vienna 

For Boys and Girls 6 - 14 years-old

Camps are held in a SAFE & nature-friendly location - at the beautiful Sportcenter, Donaucity. 

Participants may arrive between 8am & 9.20am. Activities begin at 9.30am

Restaurant lunch is served at 12.45pm. In addition kids should pack healthy snacks and refreshments for "SNACK BREAK" 

Camp day ends at 4pm however your child may be supervised until 6pm (extended stay must be arranged in advance)

Although all activities are soccer-related these can be diverse, FUN and suitable for ALL levels of soccer kids. 

Children are encouraged to express their talent whatever that may be! Sometimes it might not be Soccer but we can all learn new tricks!

Learning, Fun & Friendship is the name of the game at SUSA!

Show us what you got and our professional, dedicated & fun-loving coaching team will support you all the way! 

SUSA -  Let it be......Soccer!

Begin 22.6 at the
10 consecutive weeks of sheer soccer bliss!
Open to Boys and Girls 5 - 15 years-old
PREMIUM, purpose-built, nature-friendly, 
Sportcenter, Donaucity, 1220
At SUSA camps it is soccer but not as we know it! We do the Rock'n'Roll version where you can not only express your love of "the beautiful game" but also all those other hidden talents that lurk within you! Don't freak! Relax and let your talent be your guiding light! And hey SUSA is an INTERNATIONAL community so not only to you get the opportunity to improve your fitness and talents but you get the opportunity to make new Friends from right accross the globe!
Oh yeah! Hello! HOLA! こんにちは!Salut! Hej! Salam! Shalom! Здравствуйте!  
Which language do YOU speak? 
There are many camps in Vienna but remember......... only 1 SUSA!
FREE TRIAL and FULL REFUND should your child not enjoy his/her SUSA experience! 
For Information/regisration/fees
Email susasoccer@aol.com
 0676 3163189 / 069915071402
There are no camps on Saturdays or Sundays neither do we go swimming or provide boarding
SUSA - let it be......Soccer!


+43 (0) 676 3163189

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